Gig List



January 7th –Mudeford Club
January 14th –The Fiveways
January 28th – The Ship

February 4th –The London Tavern
February 10th –  Thomas Tripp
February 25th – The Ship

March 4th –  Aldernay Manor
March 24th –The Fiveways
March 25th – The Admiral Hardy (Weymouth)
March 31st – The Ship

April 1st – Broadstone BLC
April 7th – Thomas Tripp
April 15th – Parkstone Trades
April 22nd –The London Tavern
April 29th – The Ship

May 20th – Private Booking

June 9th – The Ship
June 10th The Fiveways
June 30th – The London Tavern

July 1st – Mudeford ClubMudeford Club
July 2nd –Thomas Tripp
July 14th –The Ship
July 15th – Wedding
July 22nd – Broadstone BLC
July 29th –The London Tavern

August 12th – Charity Gig The Fiveways For Parkinson’s UK
August 18th – The Ship
August 19th –The Admiral Hardy (Weymouth)
August 25th – Thomas Tripp
August 27th – The Electric Club

September 1st-The Wathen-Bartlett  Burley
September 2nd – Wedding
September 8th –The Fiveways
September 9th – Wedding
September 23rd –  Southbourne Ex-Servicemens Club
September 30th – The Ship

October 14th –The London Tavern
October 20th – The Amberwood
October 21st –Thomas Tripp
October 27th – The Oak Inn Burton

November 3rd – Private Party
November 4th -Aldernay Manor
November 18th – The Ship
November 24th – The Rydal Arms
November 25th – The Fiveways

December 1st – Camerons
December 9th –The London Tavern
December 15th –Thomas Tripp
December 16th –The Ship
December 22nd –Camerons
December 24th –Broadstone BLC
December 30th – The Ship
December 31st – The Electric Club


January 19th –Thomas Tripp
January 27th – The Ship
January 26th – The Amberwood

February 2nd –Camerons
February 16th – The Ship
February 17th –The London Tavern

March 2nd – Camerons
March 3rd -Aldernay Manor
March 23rd –Thomas Tripp
March 31st – The London Tavern

April 6th – The Amberwood
April 7th – The Ship
April 14th – Broadstone Conservative Club
April 27th – Camerons
April 28th –Mudeford ClubMudeford Club

May 5th –Broadstone BLC
May 11th –Thomas Tripp
May 12th –The Ship
May 26th – Private Booking

June 1st –Camerons
June 16th – The London Tavern
June 23rd – Wedding
July 27th – The Amberwood

July 8th –Thomas Tripp
July 14th – Wedding
July 21st –The Admiral Hardy (Weymouth)

August 3rd – The Ship
August 25th –The London Tavern

September 7th – The Ship
September 15th –Thomas Tripp

October 6th –The London Tavern
October 20th – The Ship
October 26th –The Amberwood

November 2nd –Thomas Tripp
November 3rd –Mudeford ClubMudeford Club
November 24th – Broadstone BLC

December 14th –The Amberwood
December 15th –The London Tavern
December 21 –Thomas Tripp
December 28th – The Ship